How To Choose An English Dictionary

How to learn English has been a headache for so many serious English learners. So learning to write English as a second language for such people becomes even harder. But don’t lose heart since we still have got some excellent writers whose mother tongues were not English. I have known two people so far, one is van Loon, the other Lin Yutang. Both of them were very excellent in English writing. So maybe now you have confidence.

Avoid words that are not easily understood by all readers. Remember that many people do not english phonics as a first language. Be sure to use vocabulary that is clear and straightforward.

One trick to see if your diction is clear is to ask someone who doesn’t know you to listen to you speak. If they have trouble deciphering your message, it’s time to go back british council grammar games the drawing board and really start spitting out those consonants.

Hiragana is one of the three writing systems used in the Japanese language and is made up of 46 characters. Hiragana is a phonetic alphabet sounds, meaning that it can represent all the sounds in the Japanese language. If you know hiragana then you can pronounce all the words and you can write all of the words in the language, so it is a good place to start.

Also, familiarise yourself with the “MUTE”, “UNMUTE” and “HELP” functions. It is common courtesy for participants listening to the discussion to press the MUTE button phonemic symbols to create as quiet an environment as possible for the speaker.

“I am so inspired by Neelu Uncle that once I pay off my educational loans and get settled, I want to help other youngsters just like he did. I don’t think he is dead. He lives on in our hearts”.

In Australia they use to name the storms after politicians and police phonetic alphabet that was great because the come and go and you never run out of them or all their hot air. Think about what I am saying here, how I have said it and what my purpose in proposing it in this fashion really is?


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